Stuck on "Preparing TuneSpan interface" since updating to iTunes 11.3

ottobud shared this problem 4 years ago

This might be a coincidence, but since updating iTunes to version 1.3, TuneSpan constantly locks up during the "Preparing TuneSpan interface" screen. The only option is to force-quit the app. Just wondering if anyone has seen this, or if it might be something unique for me.

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I have no idea what happened, but I completely uninstalled and reinstalled the app and everything is working again.


Did you loose any of your preferences or the database that Tunespan uses? I'm having the exact same problem "Preparing TuneSpan interface" and I'm running iTunes 11.3. Weird thing is I am pretty sure it was working with iTunes 11.3 at least one or two launches at least.

Thanks for any insight. My drive with my spans on it died and I found out too late that the backups I run didn't include my span drive. So right now, TuneSpan is/was a huge help since it shows the missing tracks and makes it easier to know what I need to find again.




I believe this may be an issue with loading artwork in TuneSpan.

I'll need to make some changes in code and release a minor update to fix it, but in the mean time you should be able to run TuneSpan without album artwork in the browser.

Here are two terminal commands to hide album artwork in TuneSpan...

To run these, first, makes sure TuneSpan is not running, then open the Terminal application (in /Applications/Utilities/) and paste the following line and hit enter.

defaults write com.randomapplications.TuneSpan TSShowAlbumArtworkInBrowser -bool false

Then, do the same with this command:

defaults write com.randomapplications.TuneSpan TSTrackListSmartColumnShowsArtwork -bool false

Please let me know if you can launch TuneSpan after running these commands.


Hi Pico.

Sorry for taking so long to reply. I was away for a week and when I left, TuneSpan was working again since I re-installed it. Today, upon my return home, it stopped working was stuck again on "Preparing TuneSpan interface".

I followed your suggestion with the Terminal commands and...voila!...I'm up and running again.

Thanks for your help!


Hi again, I'm working on a minor update to fix this issue. I think I've got it sorted out, but it would be helpful to have some testers check it out before release.

If you're interested in trying out a testing version before release, please email me directly a or with one of the Contact Developer links in the app.


TuneSpan 1.2.1 which fixes this bug, along with adding other nice new features and improvements is now available on the Mac App Store :-)

After you install TuneSpan 1.2.1, you can turn back on all album artwork with the following commands:

defaults write com.randomapplications.TuneSpan TSShowAlbumArtworkInBrowser -bool true

defaults write com.randomapplications.TuneSpan TSTrackListSmartColumnShowsArtwork -bool true