Why doesn't iTunes use the spanned drive for new/subscribed podcasts?

Christian Kramer shared this question 11 years ago


I "outsourced" my audiobooks and podcasts folder to a spanned media drive (over 2.300 files). The paths in iTunes were changed to the right source.

But new podcasts on subscribed channels are not stored on the spanned drive, but in the original iTunes Media folder. Is there a trick to store new podacasts files on the spanned drive?

And what will happen, if I add a new audiobook?

Thanks for a hint.


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Any newly added media goes into the default iTunes Media folder, as it normally would without using TuneSpan. This is because TuneSpan does not change any settings or behaviors of iTunes itself. Which is something that I think is good, but I can see that it may not be what some users expect when they move all of one media type. But, TuneSpan isn't exactly aware that you moved all of a media type and that any new stuff of that media type should be spanned as well. TuneSpan just moves exactly what you select at one time, and that's all. It is a safe approach that makes no assumptions which may not be what all users want.

When you add or download new podcasts, you will need to open up TuneSpan and span the new stuff as you spanned the rest. But, you don't need to pick and choose the new podcasts, you can quickly select all podcasts (drag directly from the podcasts button, into the spanning queue) and anything that's already spanned will be quickly skipped.

Although, automatic spanning has been a highly requested feature, and is one that I have been thinking about for some time now. But, it will be complex to implement properly and I haven't started work on it yet and can't give a timeline on it being done. I've been hard at work on a nice TuneSpan update that gets a lot of other things done that I've wanted to do for a long time, but not yet automatic spanning.

But, when TuneSpan does have some kind of automatic spanning, new media will still get added to the default iTunes Media folder as normal (because TuneSpan will still not adjust any iTunes settings). The thing that will make the process easier is that you will just need to launch TuneSpan, and TuneSpan will prompt you to span the new tracks based on whatever criteria you chose (ie. specific media types or playlists to set locations) without having to make any selections in the TuneSpan interface.

I hope it's not too much of a hassle for you right now to open up TuneSpan and select your newly added media to span. Since each new file won't be too huge, this is something you can set a reminder for yourself to do once a month or every couple weeks depending on how often you add new media.

Thanks so much for using TuneSpan, and for getting in touch.


Wow, thanks for your fast and detailed answer, Pico.

Everything makes sense. So I will go on as you recommended.


Of course! I'm here to help.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch again if you have any other questions or happen to run into any issues.

Thanks again!

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