What's the best way to merge extern movie library with TuneSpan into main-library

Peter Weiß shared this question 8 years ago

I have 2 iTunes libraries on two different Lion accounts. First ist my main account an this one has my main iTunes library with all the apps, mp3s but not the movies and TV-Shows (they are too big).

The second has all the movies and TV-Shows, but not managed by iTunes so I can move them on extern hd.

Now I want to use TuneSpan to use my main library with the mp3s and the movies. I know how I can do this, but... the movies are already on my extern hd.

Is there a way I can "tell" TuneSpan to use them as already "spanned"?

The only other way would be to move them one bye one first to the mac, then to span them on hd with TuneSpan.

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So sorry I haven't gotten back to you on this yet. Got busy.

You can add the media that's on your external drive to the iTunes library on your internal drive without having it copied to the default media location on the internal drive if your hold down Option while dragging it into iTunes.

Holding Option will invert a setting in the Advanced iTunes Preferences, the "Copy files to iTunes media folder when adding to library" setting.

You could go into the preferences, uncheck that setting to turn it off and then drag all your movies in normally, and then recheck the setting for normal use. But, regardless of what that setting is set to, holding Option while you drag stuff in will invert it while Option is held.

TuneSpan will not recognize these tracks as "spanned" but they will be on your external drive, TuneSpan will consider their location on the external drive to the the original location for these tracks.

Let me know if that makes sense, or if you need more info or anything.



that did work very well!

And TuneSpan helps me managing my media locations.

Thanks for your help.


Awesome! Thank you for getting back to me to let me know it all worked out.

I am marking this as Answered.

Thank you so much for purchasing and for using TuneSpan!

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