Garrett Deckel shared this question 8 years ago

How do I uninstall Tune Span?

(It's not a problem with the app, I just won't be using iTunes on one of my computers any more and want to clean it up.)

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Did you purchase from the Mac App Store? Are you on Lion or greater?

If so, the easiest way to delete an app purchased from the App Store seems to be to open up Launchpad, and click and hold the app icon you want to delete, in this case, TuneSpan.

After you click and hold, you will see a little X in the top left corner of the icon.

Then, there will be an "are you sure?" message, you'll want to click the "Delete" button in this case.

That's it for deleting the application. But, that does leave some resource files behind, the TuneSpan preferences and span database. But, those are very small files, and shouldn't be an issue. It could be convenient to leave them in place if you ever want to use TuneSpan again on this computer.

But, if you do want to get rid of those files, let me know.

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