Undo tunespanning and make it all the way it was.

Brian Bishop shared this question 8 years ago

I want to undo all the tunespanning that I did awhile back. Got a larger hard drive so everything fits in one drive now. With tunespan, all my music is on an NAS, which means I can't sync it to my iPhone. Or at least, I don't know how. And that renders Tunespan worse than useless.

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Syncing to your iPhone should work just fine with your NAS is available.

But, if you want to undo everything, TuneSpan has a built in Restore Mode.

On the bottom left, you'll see a Span/Restore toggle button. You can select Restore and then select everything you want to Restore just like you selected it to Span.

But, there's also a shortcut to restore everything. If you right click the Spanning Queue, you'll see a "Select All Spanned Tracks to Restore..." menu option.

I'll be here if you have any other questions.


Thanks. It says all the tracks have already been restored. I've tried to fix this manually - by moving track files around - at some point, and now the whole thing is pretty horked up. This is what I see:

All the tracks are renamed with number prefixes and they're all in one big folder.

Thanks for taking a look.


Not sure about the attempted manual fixing you've done...

But, rather than using Restore Mode, you'll need to use Span Mode and set the Span Location to your default iTunes Media folder.

Not sure why the tracks aren't marked as spanned in TuneSpan so that you could use Restore Mode. Did you ever delete any associated TuneSpan files or were these files not originally moved with TuneSpan or something?

Either way, spanning the files to your iTunes Media folder will do the trick.

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