Unable to update iTunes after span

Kevin Oppenheimer shared this problem 10 years ago

I have been unable to update to iTunes 11.0.2, keeps giving me an error. I never had any issues with updating before, but just recently re-spanned some tracks. Any ideas as to what file may be out of place if TS is the culprit?

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I'll never say anything is impossible, but...

I'm extremely doubtful that TuneSpan is the culprit of this issue.

TuneSpan doesn't do anything to the iTunes application itself, it doesn't do anything to the iTunes Preferences, and doesn't really even directly do anything to the iTunes Library. TuneSpan uses AppleScript to interact with iTunes, so any manipulation to the iTunes Library is actually done by iTunes itself, at the "request" of TuneSpan.

So, I don't think TuneSpan is at fault on this one.

I would recommend giving your computer a restart and trying the update again.

What version of OS X are you running?

What is actual update error that you are getting?

Thanks for getting in touch, I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this, it should be hard to get this update installed.


thank you for the ultra-quick reply. i’ve actually been trying to update for a few weeks now and there certainly have been several restarts since then. and there were no issues on my iMac, just my MBPro that i spanned. i’m running OS 10.8.2.

the error is "An error has occurred The operation was cancelled.(3072)” this comes from the App Store which iTunes always defaults to for updates.

since it pops up almost immediately i feel like i have an XML file or something in the wrong place that won’t let it proceed.


ahhhh, just figured it out. another user’s iTunes wasn’t quitting properly. once i force quit theirs it’s working perfectly. sorry!


Glad you figured it out!

I had just found some information along the same lines. I Googled the error code and found this Apple Support Forum thread talking about having iTunes running on another users account: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/...

I'll leave that link here in case any others happen to be running into the same problem and check here for a solution.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you happen to run into any other issues or have any questions.

Thanks for getting in touch, and thanks for using TuneSpan!

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