Unable to span videos marked as Home Video with iTunes 11

Francesco Facconi shared this problem 11 years ago

I am using iTunes 11 on Mountain Lion, and TuneSpan 1.0.4.

TuneSpan does not see any videos marked as Home video in the option tags.

Why? Is this a bug? Will it be fixed in a future release?

Thank you, Francesco

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Thanks for getting in touch.

This is in fact a minor bug in TuneSpan 1.0.4 with iTunes 11, I'm sorry about that. Home Videos are new in iTunes 11, and since they are marked differently in the readable XML iTunes Library file, they are not categorized correctly in TuneSpan, but they are actually still listed in TuneSpan.

Currently in TuneSpan, Home Videos are listed under the Music media type. If they are spanned, they will be organized incorrectly in the Music folder. But, functionally, everything will be fine.

You can change the media type in iTunes to Movies and they will be listed and organized properly in TuneSpan.

I have fixed the bug in the TuneSpan source and the next version will list Home Videos properly in the Movies section and will organize them correctly in their own Home Videos folder like iTunes does. But, this new update is still a work in progress. Although, I have been hard at work on it for a while and it's getting close. I hope for it to be out in late January or early February, hopefully not later, but I can't give a guarantee. I'll keep at it until I feel that everything is polished and ready for this new version to be released. But I am very excited to get this next update out, there are a handful of changes that I'm quite happy with.

After this new version come out, you will be able to re-span your Home Videos to the same span location to reorganize the folders correctly.

Again, thanks for getting in touch, and I'm sorry about this bug, I wasn't aware of the change until iTunes 11 came out (after TuneSpan 1.0.4).

Thanks so much for using TuneSpan!


Than you very much! I'll look forward for the update!

I really love TuneSpan, it is a great application!


Just wanted to come back to happily say that TuneSpan 1.1 is finally available on the Mac App Store!

TuneSpan 1.1 corrects this Home Videos issue, properly organizing them with the Movies media type, as well as using specific folder organization for Home Videos, which is customizable in the Advanced Folder Organization options in the Advanced TuneSpan Preferences.

You can get the update through the Mac App Store



Thank you very much!

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