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What must i do, that he will move every album from Interpret "Various Artists" as example to the external drive?

And what must i do, that tunespan move automaticly every podcast to the external drive?

Thanks for the working script or how do :-)

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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm so sorry for my delayed response.

TuneSpan has some basic built in Automation which you can access to configure in the little "S" shaped script icon button next to the Span button, or from the File menu.

Once you're in the Automation Configuration sheet, create a new span or restore and fill in the desired media type you'd like to span, or playlists you'd like to span and chose a span location for the auto span.

So, to move Podcasts, TuneSpan can do that directly in the Automation Configuration sheet. But to do more complex criteria like spanning all tracks with "Various Artists" the only way to do that is to create a Smart Playlist through iTunes and then choose to auto span that playlist through the Automation Configuration in TuneSpan.

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