Tunespan Error on Opening

Simon Ashmore shared this problem 9 years ago
Not a Problem

opening Tunespan gives an error dialog box

The file couldn't be opened because it isn't in the correct format

The file might be corrupted, truncated or in an unexpected format


click OK the prog opens normally but shows a 'program recently crashed' box

it seem to work normally after that.

deleting the app and reinstalling does not fix this. upgrade to the 09711beta changes nothing

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Never mind, i 'm newish to Mac and couldnt find the hidden files

I finally found the tunespan library and renamed it forcing it to recreate the library, all work s now.


Thanks for getting in touch about this issue.

Yea, it sounds like your TuneSpan library file became corrupted or some such thing. I have never seen that be an issue under normal circumstances, even TuneSpan being force quit has not caused library corruption like that, that I have seen.

Did you have anything spanned before you renamed the library? If so, everything should be fine, but TuneSpan will not know that the files have been spanned, considering where they are now to be their original location.

Do you have any idea what caused this? Was it like that right off the bat or did some crash occur at some point and this happened after that?

I'm glad you figured it out and got TuneSpan working for you, but it would be really great to know how this corruption may have happened. And, of course, if I can do better to avoid it for you and other users, in the future.


I'm not sure exactly sure how this corruption would have happened, but I am marking this as "Not a problem" as I haven't heard back, nor been able to reproduce the issue.

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