TuneSpan does not recognize all files in a Podcast

agbasher shared this problem 10 years ago

I am using TuneSpan for the first time and the user interface is confusing. I select a Podcast and it does not seem to show all of the files from that Podcast in the Podcast folder.

Further, I also notice that it breaks up some Podcasts that are otherwise intact as one in iTunes.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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It doesn't sound like you are doing anything wrong, but it hard to say without actually seeing what you are doing, myself.

Would you mind sending some screenshots of TuneSpan compared to iTunes to see the inconsistencies that you are talking about. TuneSpan just loads the readable XML iTunes Library, so whatever is in iTunes should show up in TuneSpan.

But, there are some exceptions, there are things that iTunes doesn't list in the XML Library, which TuneSpan cannot be aware of.. such as: "Mobile Apps, Rented Movies, Ring Tones, Text-Based Books, iTunes LPs, and iTunes Extras"

It doesn't really sound like thats the issue you are talking about though with Podcasts. I think some screenshots would really help me understand what you are seeing here.

But also, TuneSpan doesn't display Podcasts exactly like iTunes does. They will not be grouped into collapsible sections like iTunes, but they will be grouped by album. Also, only downloaded Podcasts will be displayed. You may have streaming Podcasts listed in iTunes that you will not see in TuneSpan. Since TuneSpan is all about relocating files, there isn't really anything TuneSpan could do with a streaming podcasts, since there is no file for it. But, if the problem is bigger than that, if TuneSpan isn't listing downloaded podcasts that have files on your drive, please let me know.

If you do not want to post them on this site, you can email them to me directly with the "Contact Developer" menu item in the Help menu or the button in the About window of TuneSpan.

Thanks for getting in touch, I hope we can work this out.

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