TuneSpan crashes after sapnning + varifying

Christian Volk shared this problem 9 years ago


I bought recently TuneSpan to consolidate my data to a file server.

It did fine the whole night, but after 13k titles (Podcasts, Movies, etc.) initially saved on a fileserver and in the harddrive it crashed AFTER moving all.

Currently I run it the 3rd time to get it straight (thanks for the detection, that something went wrong)!

After the 2nd start it said "passing" and "updating" location, as well as verifying, but then TuneSpan crushes.

Please come back to me, I'll save Apples next crash report.



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Thanks so much for getting in touch. I'm so sorry you've run into a crash while using TuneSpan.

Does TuneSpan just unexpectedly quit at some point in the span, or are you prompted to force quit an application because your system is low on memory?

To dig into this further, I would definitely need to skim through a crash report.

All crash reports are saved automatically in your home Library folder. The Library folder is hidden on OS X 10.7 and later, but you can still get to it.

Open the Go menu, and hold the Option key to show the Library menu item. Select the Library menu item to open your user Library folder.

Within the Library folder, open the "Logs" folder, and then "DiagnosticReports"

All crash reports for all applications will be stored in the DiagnosticReports folder.

Only files beginning with "TuneSpan_" are relevant to this crash.

You can sort the folder by name you date to find the relevant TuneSpan crash reports.

If you like, you can send the crash reports to me directly at "pico {at} randomapplications {dot} com" and I can try to figure this crash out.


After exchanging emails, and checking the crash reports, I've found these crashes had to do with an issue involved with moving files to the trash and was exclusive to 10.6.

I've made changes to TuneSpan that should solve this issue.

TuneSpan 1.1.2 which fixes this problem is now available on the Mac App Store.


Hello Pico,

I tried this, but the loading still takes long.

I guess, since I have the actual library on a NAS4Free Fileserver, this takes so long. What does TunesSpan actually do, when it is "loading". Does it check, if the file is "physically" at its place (as described in tTunes Library?).

My fileserver is not the fastest one in random access.

In large writes / reads it makes around 30Mbytes/sec.




Yea, sorry I didn't get to solving your slow loading issue in this update.

I emailed you to get some more files from you for further testing.

I tested your XML file that you sent on my computer, and TuneSpan didn't take long to load. So, the issue may have to do with the amount of files that you've spanned, or some preference setting. I'll need your TuneSpan Library, and TuneSpan Preferences to do further testing on my computer.

I doubt the slowness has to do with file speed access. If you are seeing the progress bar, TuneSpan has already loaded the file into the app and is processing the data programmatically, which would just be using RAM and processor speed.

Get back to me over email and hopefully we can continue to get to the bottom of this problem and fix it.

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