Tunespan 1.1 needs minutes to start. everytime!

Dennis Kather shared this problem 9 years ago

With the current version 1.1 from MAS the start of tunespan needs several minutes. everytime i start the programm. The window shows following message:

"Updating Span Information and Syncing Tunespan Library"

this happens everytime tunespan starts.

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Thanks so much for getting in touch. So sorry about this. TuneSpan should definitely not be taking that long to load. A long time ago, many versions ago, there were some issues with slow span info updating, but I thought that I had resolved it.

I'm curious how many tracks you have in your iTunes Library, and how many of those tracks you've spanned through TuneSpan.

This happens every time you start? Even if you let it get through a long load once? It takes just as long to load the next time?

If you're willing, you could send me a few files, your iTunes Library XML database file as well as your TuneSpan Library file, that should allow me to load up your info on my comp to hopefully do more diagnostics to see exactly what the slow down is caused by.

If you email me directly at "pico [at]" I can give you the details on how to retrieve these files to send me.

This is definitely an issue that I would like to resolve ASAP, TuneSpan should not take THAT long to load.


hi pico,

did you get my email?


I did, so sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet.

Been busy the past few days, I'll get back to you over email shortly.


Hi again Dennis, I finally had a chance to do some testing with the files you sent me.

I've found the root of the issue, and made a change in the source that solves the slow loading.

The issue actually was rooted in the sorting of your track list, of all things.

TuneSpan was restoring the list sort before the span information was getting updated. This made each change to the internal track listing take a bit longer than necessary since it was updating a sorted list, no need to get too technical about it.

Anyway, I simply restored the list sort AFTER the span information is updated and that did it. There was no real need to have it sorted before the span information is updated, it was just a bit more convenient in the source and the issue happened to slip through my testing. TuneSpan now loads promptly with your span database and preferences on my system.

I will put together a test version of my latest build and get it out to you soon through email. Most likely tomorrow as I have a few other small things I'm tweaking.

Thanks so much again for getting in touch, and for your patience with this issue.


TuneSpan 1.1.1 is now out on the Mac App Store which solves this slow loading problem.

Thanks so much to Dennis for helping to find and fix this issue!


Hi, in my case, it takes also long (Ver. 1.1.1), ca. 13k titles...

Pico, what do you need from my side?




Thanks for getting in touch, roughly, how long does TuneSpan take to load?

What loading phase takes the longest?

Also, what are the stats of your computer? Processor speed, RAM, etc?

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