TuneSpan crashes in Crash Recovery Mode

Markus Klepper shared this question 7 years ago
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after TuneSpan crashed in regular Spanning I told the program to "Skip the rest". That didn't solve it.

In Restarting the Programm it entered the Crash Recovery Mode. However that stopped at the identical file -

see screen attached.

What can I do?



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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm so sorry for my delayed response. Things have been busy lately.

So, TuneSpan is always crashing on the exact same track? Are you still in Crash Recovery Mode?

Did TuneSpan prompt you to submit a Crash Report when you relaunched TuneSpan? If so, did you submit a report?

Just to be clear, is TuneSpan freezing and you Force Quit the app yourself, or is TuneSpan unexpectedly quitting and you get an alert from Finder?

If you're still running into the same issue and TuneSpan is crashing at the exact same track, do you see any errors logged in Console app when TuneSpan is frozen or crashes?


Hi Pico

THX for your answer! As I deed not know if and when I would get a response, I've helped myself.

Here's what it dir:

After running the Crash Recovery Mode several times, I gave up. Initially it stopped at the same track. Then it stopped at a later track, but it never completed the job. It did not prompt me to do anything, I quit the app myself. There where no errors logged.

My workaround finally ended up in updating the library manually, even though it took hours and still is in process as it was a whole number of files.

Thx anyway - Markus


So you've exited Crash Recovery Mode in TuneSpan?

You could try spanning in smaller batches to get as much as possible done and also isolate the tracks that are having issues.

I wonder though if this is possibly because of an internal or external drive lag. Have you run diagnostics in Disk Utility lately?

All of your files should still be safe, but at this point you've likely got duplicates files on your internal and external drives. From here, it shouldn't be to hard to use TuneSpan to help sort things out either way. We can clean up original files on the internal drive, or we can reset track locations to the internal drive and clean up files on the external. iTunes is likely pointing to the external drive for all the tracks TuneSpan was able to get through before freezing.

I'm here to work with you on this now to help try to get everything dealt with as efficiently as possible. Again, I'm sorry for leaving you hanging before.

I'll just need some more specifics about what exactly you've done so far since doing stuff outside of TuneSpan.


It also comes to mind... Could it have been the TuneSpan interface, and not the actual background process of spanning that froze?

I do occasionally still get reports of a rare but outstanding issue in TuneSpan where sometimes the interface freezes, but work continues in the background. You can refresh the window by periodically resizing it through the span. Or, just minimize the window and watch the Dock icon progress indicator.

Could that have been a possibility? Or did you get a spinning ball cursor and TuneSpan would not respond at all?


Franky I don't remember exactly.

In my memory the progress indicator stopped 2 times at the same track, next at a later track. I don't recall a spinning ball and the Skip button did not respond, nor did anything else respond for more than 1 hour...


HI Pico,

this is terrific support. Unbelievable! Thx a lot.

Here's what it is on my end.

I've sorted the duplicate files out, so the duplicate issues is mostly resolved. My complete library ist stored in two locations: 50% of files files in Internal Harddisk on a 2012 Retina Macbook Pro, 16 MB Ram, 500 GB Flash Drive. The other half is stored on an external HD. Both volumes are source for the iTunes library.

Here the problem starts.

Due to the crash recovery Issues, many file references are incorrect. A great number of files in External HD are not updated or even present in the current iTunes My Music Pool any longer. I've started to update them manually, in importing the files without copying them back an MacHD. This takes hours as I don't know, which ones are update already and I don't want to create a mess.

If there was support to facilitate that process from you end, I'd love ist.




So you removed duplicate files from the internal drive?

Are you saying that the tracks in iTunes exist but don't know where the file is (and you know that file is on the external drive), or that the tracks no longer show up in iTunes? TuneSpan does not ever remove tracks from iTunes though.


>>So you removed duplicate files from the internal drive?Yes i did.

>>Are you saying that the tracks in iTunes exist but don't know where the file is!"

Partially yes, it's true for some

>> That the tracks no longer show up in iTunes?"

Many! At some point before the crash I used TuneSweeper to erase Files with missing links as I have 1000s if those in my library from before ;-(


Shoot, since the tracks are no longer in iTunes, they won't show up in TuneSpan. So, theres nothing that can be done through TuneSpan to work with them. The files will just need to be re-imported to iTunes as you have been doing.

But, do you have other tracks isolated that are pointing to the wrong location, and you know where the files actually are?

We should be able to use TuneSpan to get those set right.

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