TuneSpan crashes after loading of the library

Ulli G. shared this question 8 years ago
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I´m using Tunisian on an current iMac with the latest Software-Versions.

The App starts and is loading the iTunes Library.

Thereafter any action leads to an hung up that is not recoverable!

I already deleted an reload the app from Appstore. No help!

Any advise?



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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm so sorry you've run into an issue. This definitely should not be happening and I can imagine it's very frustration.

Is TuneSpan crashing and quitting itself, or is TuneSpan getting hung up and you're force quitting it?

At what phase of the load does this happen? Is it possible to capture a screenshot when it is hanging, or possibly to take a video of the screen while TuneSpan is loading? You can record the screen using QuickTime.



TuneSpan is getting hung up, and therefore force quit after a while!

The Library is doing a "normal" load, but thereafter every action by Keyboard (e.g. cmd+L) or by draging the Mouse onto an Button or the upper part (Menue) of the App-Window is producing a non recoverable hung-up.


I see. It's very difficult for me to know exactly what may be going on here for you without seeing more first hand stuff.

Would it be possible for you to take a screen recording while launching and using TuneSpan until freezes and you force quit it?

Also, how long have you waited when TuneSpan is frozen before force quitting? Does TuneSpan ever come back to life?

You could attach a video of your screen to the support forums, but if you'd prefer more privacy you can email me directly with one of the Contact Developer links in TuneSpan (there's one in the Help menu).

Also, it may be helpful for me to load your "iTunes Library.xml" file on my computer to see if I experience any hanging myself if you wouldn't mind sending that to me as well.

Lastly, do you have any Automation setup when TuneSpan launches? Such as any Spans, Restores, or Tools for iTunes set to perform when TuneSpan loads?

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