Tunespan crashed on verification. Manual deletion necessary - how to request

Gayle Howard shared this problem 7 years ago

I was spanning and the system was verifying. I then received an error indicating that something had gone wrong. The error indicated that files couldn't be deleted and I would have to do so manually. At this point, iTunes continuously crashed (ignore, report, reopen). On restarting Mac, itunes was working again.

If I currently span, it tells me that all files have spanned. And yet, there are some files still on the iTunes hard drive.

I'd like some guidance please on the right procedure to follow.

Do I delete the files on the target drive and span again so that the files on the hard drive span to the target drive?

Or do I delete the files manually on the hard drive itunes/tv shows/ because they're already on the target drive?

Image attached shows HDD itunes on the left and the Target drive is on the right hand side.

I don't want to touch it until I know the correct procedure!

Thank you

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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm so sorry you've run into an issue.

I'm heading to sleep now, but I will get back to you tomorrow with instructions on how to clean things up nicely.

For now, the best thing to do is just let it be.

To help me know how I can help you better tomorrow though, how many tracks were you spanning in the last set?


No worries. Sweet dreams ;-)

It was a lot. Maybe 100 tracks. about 100 gig.


Alright, sorry for my delayed response.

The things to do may seem a little counter intuitive, but we'll basically undo (without trashing any files) and then redo the span. This way TuneSpan will just quickly update locations when we undo the span, and then when we redo we'll have TuneSpan trash the original files like normal to clean things up like it should have the first time.

So, the first thing to do is to select the tracks that you last spanned. A quick way to do this is to right-click the Spanlist area and select the "Select Last Tracks Spanned…" menu item (if there's already stuff in the Spanlist, choose to Replace it since we don't want it in the way of our current process).

With the last spanned tracks selected, switch to Restore Mode with the toggle on the bottom left of the TuneSpan window. Now, we don't want to go ahead with the Restore right away, we'll need to turn off a setting before we start the restore.

Click the "Restore…" button and then the confirmation prompt will come up. Before confirming the Restore, we need to UNCHECK the "Copy Trashed Files & Clean Up Empty Folders" checked. Once that is unchecked, then confirm the Restore to start the process. It should go pretty quick because the files still exist at the resort location and TuneSpan will just be updating locations.

After the Restore is complete, then Reload TuneSpan and redo the initial Span. Once TuneSpan is reloaded, you can right-click the Spanlist again and select the "Select Last Restored Tracks…"

Now make sure your in Span Mode and click "Span…" and confirm the process. The "Copy Trashed Files & Clean Up Empty Folders" should be selected already because the option is saved separately for Spans and Restores.

Once the process is complete, TuneSpan should have properly moved the original files to the trash. It should go pretty quick again because the files don't need to be copied.

After it's all done, open up the Advanced TuneSpan Preferences and turn back on the "Trash Copied Files & Clean Up Empty Folder After Restoring"

And that should be it!

Please let me know how that all goes :-)

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