TuneSpan continually crashes in an endless loop

Ehren Brown shared this problem 9 years ago

I have a large library and am trying to span my movies from one external hard drive to another. The span process starts, gets partially done, and then the program crashes and the computer reboots. On restart, the program restarts the span... and then crashes again as the computer reboots itself again. This continues without end. Please help! I've never had a program do this to my Mac. Not sure what info you might need - if you need something more specific, please ask.

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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm so sorry I didn't get back sooner, things have been hectic in my world lately.

Anyway, this is a very concerning issue you're describing.

I'm not sure how TuneSpan (or any 3rd-party app) could cause your computer to shut down...

Are you getting a kernel panic? Is the screen going grey with an alert on it or is it just shutting down immediately?

They only thing that this reminds me of could be maybe an overheating issue, which wouldn't be out of the question for TuneSpan to trigger if there is some other problem with your hardware, such as some necessary internal fan being dead. You may not notice an issue in normal use, but doing intensive work like TuneSpan does may be too much.

What is the model and year of your computer? Is it getting old? Any customizations?

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