Tunespan bounces once on the Dock when opening, but doesn't start.

Rick Olson shared this problem 7 years ago

I have been using Tunespan successfully for several months ever since an update solved several problems.

Today I tried to open it, but it bounces once on the dock and doesn't start. I saw other posts here saying that others have had to force quit the app, but even in the force quit window, the app just flashes into the list and immediately disappears.

I did open the console and got this message that appears at the time of the attempt to open:

2/20/16 23:05:15.676[1]: (com.randomapplications.TuneSpan.279072[924]) Service exited with abnormal code: 173

Followed by:

2/20/16 23:05:15.000 kernel[0]: Sandbox: storeassetd(395) deny(1) file-read-data /dev

I hope this helps since I really need to move some media.

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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry you've run into an issue.

I believe this has to do with a security certificate update on Apples part.

The solution should be to trash the app and re-download it from the Mac App Store.


I got this from the link in your reply. Is this something I should do, or is it soemthing the developer does to solve the problem for all of their customers? The clip follows:

Update (2016-02-20): Apple has significantly added to its page about the certificate expiration:

In some scenarios, an app purchased from the Mac App Store that utilizes receipt validation may fail to launch (exiting with a 173 error code) since it considers a local receipt that includes the expired WWDR Intermediate certificate invalid. OS X regards the receipt as valid when the updated WWDR Intermediate is present on your system and therefore does not request an updated receipt for the application.

To resolve this issue, delete the renewed, non-expired WWDR Intermediate certificate from your System and/or Login keychain within the Keychain Access application. After re-launching the application, you will be prompted for your Mac App Store login credentials in order to obtain a new receipt for the application. After you have launched your application and obtained a valid receipt, you can re-install the renewed certificate to continue your development. This issue will be fixed in a forthcoming update to OS X El Capitan.


Thanks for posting this information. This is something that I'll need to look into further.

I believe at this point all you should need to do is to just resinstall the app from the Mac App Store.

If you continue to run into an issues, please get back to me and we can look into things further.

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