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oswald boole shared this question 5 years ago
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Will Apple Music & iCloud music play well with both my music on my computer as well as my spanned music?

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Thanks for getting in touch.

In general, yes, it can all work together.

But, there is one thing to know about...

If your external drive is not available and you try to play a track that is spanned to that drive, rather than not being able to play the file, iTunes will revert to streaming it from the cloud and will basically forget about the local copy on the external drive.

When you launch TuneSpan next time, TuneSpan prompt to trash this stray file since iTunes no longer points to it. The solution to this situation would be to re-download and then re-span the file.

So, you just need to keep that in mind if you try to play something that is spanned to an external drive when the drive isn't connected.


Thank you. That is very helpful. I had spanned music on an external hard & had it plugged in, but there was an error finding all of the spanned files. I am now in the middle of consolidating all of my music on another drive using Tunespan. After that I will set that that up as my iTunes default folder & allow iCloud Music to match that.

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