Tune span won't stop looking for Network drive that is no longer attached.

Charlie Burns shared this problem 9 years ago

Everything was working well until I upgraded to a new Network share drive. Now when Tune span starts I get a pin wheel and repeatedly get a pop up saying that the network share drive that was removed cant be found. I keep clicking okay, but Tune span is frozen with the pinwheel still looking for a drive that does not exist anymore. What can I do?

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Thanks for getting in touch. So sorry you've run into this issue.

This is a bug caused by a slight oversight on my part with some new changes I made in TuneSpan 1.1.3.

I've since fixed the issue in the source and submitted an update to Apple. TuneSpan 1.1.4 which has these fixes should be out early next week.

But, if you need an immediate solution, I can send you a testing version that you can use until 1.1.4 is released.

To get the testing version, you can email me via http://contact.tunespan.com


TuneSpan 1.1.4 is now available on the Mac App Store which fixes these issue with network drives.


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