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openid shared this problem 11 years ago

TuneSpan with TV Shows is not working. In iTunes the folder e.g. for "24" is TV Shows/24/Season 4/Track.m4v

The spanned location is TV Shows/24/Track.m4v

The problem is, that sometimes the tracks are named the same way as in another season. So I can't span them to my external drive.

Best regards and thanks for this great app

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Thanks so much for letting me know about this inconsistency, it will be addressed in 0.9.3 which is very close to release.


This issue has been resolved with the 0.9.3 release.


Marking this issue as Solved.

Now in TuneSpan 0.9.6 beta, just released, you can even customize the way that TuneSpan organizes your spanned TV Shows and other media types as well.


I actually have a similar problem with the latest version of TuneSpan and the latest version of iTunes. I emailed Pico, but here is the email in case anyone else can chime in. Hpoing there is something simple I am missing:

I tried out TuneSpan with a few files over the weekend to a second external hard drive. I moved 4 seasons of shows ( 2 of Simpsons, 2 of Big Bang Theory) and a few movies to see how it would work. Worked great! It kept the settings in iTunes the same and spanned to my second external drive (everything else is on my first external HD). iTunes looked identical to how its always looked (everything was in perfect order, kept the tags, etc). Very pleased with that.

I am only having 1 problem that is bugging and preventing me from moving everything and buying the program - I use all of this with my Apple TV2 and everything that is on the second external drive now (the few TV shows and movies) is not alphabetical anymore on the AppleTV in the respective catagories.

It seems like they are in the order that I originally put everything in the drive. For instance, the of listing the TV shows I spanned were Big Bang Theory season 1, Big Bang Theory season 2, Simpsons season 1, and Simpsons season 2. I would expect that they be listing in that order on the ATV (alphabetically by show/season). In iTunes, everything is still listed perfectly that way. However, on the Apple TV, it lists everything in the spanned folder out of order, something like Big Bang Theory season 1, Simpsons season 1 Simpsons season 2 and big bang theory season 2. With a large amount of shos, this would be a hassle to go up and down the list to try and find what show I am looking for.

Is there a way to make the Apple TV list the shows alplabetically again (Big Bang Theory season 1, Big Bang Theory season 2, Simpsons season 1, and Simpsons season 2) instead of randomly or in order originally ripped to the first external drive? I really want to move everything over and buy the program but this factor is buggung me just a bit. I am hoping there is an easy fix or setting I can make.

In iTunes, everything is listed perfectly. Its just the Apple TV that is not listing the Spanned drive correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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