Tune Span Crashing with one song!

John Niece shared this problem 9 years ago

Just installed Tune Span and the two times I have tried to move one song to an external drive it has crashed. Running Maverick on a 2007 iMac

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Thanks for getting in touch, so sorry you've run into an issue.

Can you send me the crash reports? Also, a screenshot of the song in question may help.

You can locate the crash reports on your home library files at "~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/" If your home library is hidden, you can use the Finder's Go menu. Hold the Option key while the Go menu is open and you will see a "Library" menu item appear. Select it to open the Library folder and navigate to that DiagnosticsReport folder.

You can sort the crash reports by name and locate any files beginning with "TuneSpan_"

Again, I'm sorry about this problem. But, I want to get to the bottom of it ASAP, and get if fixed in TuneSpan if any changes are necessary.

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