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Jim Buhler shared this question 7 years ago

I am swapping out my internal start-up drive and am making a clean install of the system and for various reason would like to do this without using migration assistant. My iTunes library is spanned with music on the start-up drive and movies on external drive. Having never moved a spanned iTunes library, I'm wondering if I need to do anything special to ensure everything works with iTunes on the new drive. (Just to be clear: the spanned content will remain on the drive it currently occupies.) This may have been answered elsewhere, but I looked around and didn't see anything that directly addressed this question.


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Thanks for getting in touch.

If you migrate over your iTunes Library properly, TuneSpan should generally cope with that gracefully even if you just did a fresh install of TuneSpan on the new computer.

But, TuneSpan does also keep it's own database to know what has been spanned and restored. The TuneSpan Library and Preferences are all within its Sandboxed Container folder which is at "~/Library/Containers/com.randomapplications.TuneSpan/"

You can just migrate that entire folder over to the same location new computer. That "~/Library/Containers/" folder is where all Sandboxed apps from the Mac App Store will be storing their information, so I'm sure there will be other apps data in there that you will want to retrieve as well.

If you happen to run into any issues with TuneSpan and/or iTunes now knowing the proper span location of your media after the migration, the solution will be to use TuneSpan to re-span the tracks to the proper Span Location folder where you know the files exist. Running that span, TuneSpan will find that the files are exactly where it would be spanning them and just quickly update locations in iTunes without having to recopy anything.

Hope it goes well for you :-) I'll be here if you happen to have anymore questions.


Thanks! Worked like a charm.

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