Trying to Restore Spanned files to a new location

David Todd shared this question 6 years ago

i have been using TuneSpan on my Mac Pro for many years. About half of my music files have lived in my Users/Music/iTunes directory on my Startup drive and half have been Spanned to a second internal drive.

I recently replaced my Startup Drive with a smaller SSD that does not have enough room for my iTunes files. So, I moved the music files that had been on my old Startup drive to another internal drive while my Spanned files stayed on a third internal drive. iTunes is able to locate all files.

But, I'd like to consolidate all of my iTunes files into a single location again, the internal drive that now has the music files that used to live on my Startup drive. When I try to Restore Spanned files, TuneSpan sends them to my User/Music/iTunes directory on my SSD Startup instead of the new location of my iTunes files on my internal drive.

Is it possible to change the destination for Restoring my Spanned files to this new location and get all of my music files reunited?

Thanks for your help. I love your program

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Posting the same answer here that I replied with over email so that others can see as well...

You can always just span the files to the new location that you’d like to consolidate to instead of using Restore Mode.

But, you can also reset the Restore Location to the current default iTunes Media folder.

First, highlight all the tracks you want to restore in the the Track List (go to the All media type and then use the Media Locations list to select your span drive and then select all in the Track List).

Next, right-click the highlighted selection and go into the “Force Span / Restore” submenu and select "Force Span…”.

Now, read through the alert and confirm the action when you’re ready. Basically it’s saying that this will just change what is marked in the TuneSpan database and doesn’t make any changes to anything in iTunes or any files themselves.

During the Force Span process, TuneSpan will set all the Restore Locations for these tracks to be within the current default iTunes Media folder in iTunes.

TuneSpan will not show any results while this stuff is being updated either, TuneSpan will just reload. It should go pretty quick but it depends on how much is selected. If TuneSpan appears frozen for a moment, just wait patiently. I never wrote any progress indicator for this code and the work is being done on the main thread so the interface may stall while the stuff is being updated. But that’s nothing to worry about, just wait for TuneSpan to reload.

When TuneSpan reloads, you should be able to use Restore Mode to restore your tracks properly to your new iTunes Media folder.

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