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Jürgen Stosch shared this problem 9 years ago

I have a TV show that I'd like to span to my NAS server. Most episodes of the show worked great and I'd spanned them to the NAS. But the last episode could not be transfered or at least TuneSpan copies the files but leaves the error:

"Track location could not be updated in iTunes. Copied file trashed, original file and iTunes location unchanged. ..."

I work with the latest versions of iTunes and TuneSpan. On the screenshot you can see that there are now 2 episodes that cannot be spanned. The other one was updated recently by iTunes and got downloaded again. Since this it cannot be spanned like the last episode.

Also, only the HD version of the shows get spanned. The SD version remains at its original location.

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Hi Jürgen, thanks so much for getting in touch, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you.

Sadly, I don't know that I can offer any real assistance. It seems that there are sometimes tracks that refuse to be spanned. Especially video files.

It seems to be an issue with iTunes that TuneSpan can't do anything about, and I haven't found a workaround for.

Sometimes it seems to have to do with non-English characters being in the path, but that isn't consistently the issue.

If there do happen to be any non-English characters in the metadata of these two tracks, you could try removing them, but from what I see in the screenshot, that doesn't seem to be the issue.

Of course, you can try reattempting the span after restarting your computer, maybe it was a fluke, but I imagine you have probably tried that by now.

I'm sorry I can't offer any better advice or assistance right now. This has been an ongoing annoyance that I continue to investigate and can't seem to find a consistent cause for certain files not being spanned.


Funny thing is that the first file was spanable once. But when itunes renewed the file to be downloaded once again it fails to span. Also I tried to then span several times and it won't succeed unfortunately.

BUt what about the 2nd part of my question, the SD files. TunesSpan seems to span only the HD content and leaves the SD content as it is. Or is there some setting that I've missed?


So sorry to say you've run into the few issues that TuneSpan can't seem to deal with very well :-/

But, it is possible to also span the SD versions of the movie files, but I have noticed some issues with the workaround in iTunes 11 that didn't seem to have issues in iTunes 10. Sometimes it seems to not be possible for the SD versions to be spanned. This seems to be an issue that is out of TuneSpan's control and is some bug within iTunes.

But, you can give it a shot.

First off, make sure TuneSpan is quit.

Next, you need to set the "Preferred Video Version" to "Standard Definition" in the iTunes Playback Preferences.

So, open the iTunes Preferences (command+,) and select the "Playback" pane. You will see a Preferred Video Version drop down menu towards the bottom of the menu. Select "Standard Definition" in this menu.

Now, quit iTunes to make sure it saves the updated iTunes Library with the Standard Definition video versions.

Whatever is set to play in iTunes is what gets saved into the Readable XML iTunes Library file which TuneSpan reads.

After you've quit iTunes, wait a moment to make sure that XML file is updated.

Now when you relaunch TuneSpan, you should see your video files are marked as resorted because they are pointing to the SD version, but your HD versions are still safe on your external drive.

I strongly recommend to not try spanning all of your SD files at once, because it may not work at all. I would try just one of your SD video files and see if that span works. If it does, you can proceed with the rest of your SD videos, but one working doesn't mean that all of them will.

I'm sorry there is not a better, easier, or more consistent solution to this. It is a restriction imposed by iTunes that I can't work around in any other way.

Please let me know how that goes or if you have any questions.

After your SD files are spanned, you can go back into the iTunes Playback Preferences and reselect "High Definition" as your Preferred Video Version for normal use in iTunes, and the HD versions will be what you see in TuneSpan. If you ever want to restore these files or re-span them to another location, you will need to follow these same steps.

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