tips for moving app library?

Josh Trotter shared this question 8 years ago

Great, great app for conserving space on my little ol 250 GB HD. I understand that tunespan cannot move the app library. Any pointers as to moving the app library to another drive without heartily messing up my spanned library?

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First, I would consider if that's really what you want to do...

I wrote TuneSpan so that you could move media to an external drive while being able to keep your iTunes Library on your internal drive.

I believe this is more ideal because if you want to keep some media on your internal drive, you can always open up iTunes and continue to access whatever is on your internal drive, even if your external drive isn't mounted.

If you moved your actual iTunes Library files to an external drive, you would not be able to access it if your external drive isn't mounted, even though you may have some media on your internal drive.

But, while keeping your library files on your internal drive you can change your iTunes Media folder location to be on your external to have newly added media go directly to your external without needing to span it.

Does that make sense?

If you really want to migrate your whole library files to an external drive, there are some tutorial online about how to do it, but it may get more complex if you've already spanned some media around. If that is what you want to do, let me know and I can try to find some good instructions online for you to use.

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