Time Capsule Relative Reference instead of Absolute Reference

Salvador Paiz shared this problem 10 years ago

Dear TuneSpan Support,

I am trying to Span my 300Gb Library from my Mac to my Time Capsule. However, I notice that the Span Drive is being referenced as /localost/Volumes/Data or /localhost/Volumes/Data-1 instead of referencing the TimeCapsule by name. Is there any way to have the program refer directly to TimeCapsule/Data? The problem I have is that this relative reference is not easily recognized by other softwares like Sonos and, in addition, there's an ambiguity as to which TimeCapsule is being referenced by program. Please let me know how I can reference my Time Capsule by name.

Thank you,


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Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry you're having issues with TuneSpan.

Well, how TuneSpan and iTunes handle paths is not something I have lots of control over. I could try to make a change in TuneSpan (which would be a pretty big change), but iTunes would still handle paths however it does and I can't change that.

Other 3rd-party apps that load iTunes info are loading the same XML library file that TuneSpan loads which is wholly managed by iTunes, not TuneSpan.

But I don't have a Time Capsule myself so I'm not 100% sure if there is something I can do about this. I may look into buying one to see if I can investigate this further, I'm sorry I can't offer more help right now.

Please keep in touch and let me know if anything else comes up. It may help to see some screenshots of Get Info windows for the same tracks in iTunes and TuneSpan to see if there are differences. I feel the best I can do with paths is the same as whatever iTunes does.


To get some more clarity on this issue... Do you have multiple Time Capsules? With the same drive name? If so, are the redundant with identical data?


Hi, I do have 2 Time Capsules connected. They do not have identical information but the Main Folder in each is named "Data" by default. Therefore, if I accessed the second one before and the one where I'm trying to Span second, the name would be Data-1. I did not notice this before starting to span so now I have some references to "Data" and some references to "Data-1". I could change the name of one of my other Time Capsule folder but I would still need to rename the "Data-1" reference back to "Data". Thank you.


So yea, that is the issue, it is not wise to have two drives named the same, and if the tracks file paths did use the actual display name, it would cause more issues because applications would not know which drive of that name was the right one. But the "-1" gets added to the actual mount path depending on the order the drives were mounted, which would not be consistent.

So, the best thing to do is to definitely rename the Time Machines to each have unique names.

You can rename either or both drives to whatever you choose, then you can use TuneSpan to update the locations for all of these tracks without having to re-span or anything. Here's what you should do after you rename your drives...

In TuneSpan, select ALL of your media as if you are going to span it (but we're not gonna span it). You can drag straight from the "All" media type in the filter bar at the top into the spanning queue.

Next, set restore mode. Then click "Restore...". But, again, we will not actually do the restore.

Before the confirmation sheet comes up to actually begin the span, TuneSpan will check all of the file locations to make sure all files are found, if any files are not found, you will get an alert letting you know how many files aren't found with some options.

So, when this alert comes up saying that some of your files are not found, there will be an option on the left called "Locate Tracks". This option will actually get iTunes to do the work of locating the tracks, but its something iTunes would not have done on its own. It will actively make iTunes find the location of each of the missing tracks, and if it can be found because the drive name changed, but the drive is still mounted, iTunes will find the new location of the tracks. This would not work if the files were actually deleted or if the drive is not mounted. But for your case, it should find the updated location just fine.

Let me know how that goes for you, or if you have any more questions.


This seems to have worked. Thank you very much for your help!


Awesome! So glad to hear that!

Thanks do much for getting back to me about this issue, gonna go ahead and mark it as solved.

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