Time Capsule Span

Emile Broussard shared this question 5 years ago

Time Capsule Span

I am currently using a MBP and spanning to an intermittently connected external USB HD. I use an Apple Time Capsule which allows external, networkable HD connection at the location I most use iTunes.

What would be nice is a configuration that would allow spanning to the external HD which would now be attached to the Time Capsule. It would then be recognized, hopefully automatically and transparently by TuneSpan, wherein I could seamlessly play and span at will while on my Time Capsule network with minimal or no ongoing 'drive-access' steps.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for getting in touch.

You should be able to connect the drive to the Time Capsule and have TuneSpan and iTunes recognize it as the same drive without doing a thing.

But, if the tracks aren't playable in iTunes after you connect it to the TC, then you can re-span the files to the external through TuneSpan that you know exist on there. Does that make sense?

If you span new files to the drive over the network, please know that it will be much much slower than when you spanned over the directly connected wire.