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Steve Springall shared this problem 11 years ago

Since the 1.0.3 update, TuneSpan cannot access my files.... throws an error "XML iTunes Library Not Readable"... It can find the files but not read them. I allow Access and it fails prompting for Quit, Change Library or Retry. I have already run Fix File Permissions using Disk Utility.

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I'm so sorry to hear your having trouble with the changes in the latest version of TuneSpan. This change is necessary to comply with Apple's Sandboxing policy.

When TuneSpan prompts you with that open dialog right on launch, that is not for you to select your library location in. All you need to do is click Allow Access without changing the set location. The location needs to be set to the root of your internal hard drive (which should be selected by default) for TuneSpan to be able to move forward and have access to all the file locations it will need to span, as well as read libraries from any locations.

If you have correctly allowed access to the root of your hard drive and you are still seeing this cannot read error, than something else is affecting it, or you have encountered a bug within TuneSpan.

I will try to make this more clear in the next version of TuneSpan, but once you allow access, you should never be prompted to do it again.

Thanks for getting in touch, please let me know which is the case for you so that I can look deeper into this if I need to.


Hey again, just wanted to check back in with you to see if my previous reply solved the problem. If so, I know I need to do a better job of making that information more clear and visible. If not, I need to look more into this issue and find a solution.

So, I woud like to know how this turned out for you either way.

Thanks again for getting in touch and for using TuneSpan!

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