Third party apps - Spotify and Sonos

Devyn shared this question 7 years ago

I'm still a bit fuzzy on what TuneSpan does, so please excuse my naiveté with this question... I also did a bit of searching but could not find a similar question...

How does TuneSpan work alongside apps such as Spotify and Sonos, which share (sync with?) the iTunes library? Will those apps see the spanned files as well as "local" files?

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Thanks for getting in touch, sorry for my delayed response.

I did a bit of investigating with Spotify, but I am not sure about Sonos.

It all comes down to how these apps load your data, whether they read the XML iTunes Library file to get your library info, or if they read the files directly, bypassing the iTunes Library.

From my testing, Spotify reads the files directly, and does not read the XML iTunes Library files. So, when you use TuneSpan to move files to an external drive, the files are no longer accessible in Spotify as they were before.

BUT, you can add source locations in the Spotify preferences. So, after you span some media, if you add that folder on the external drive, or the entire external drive as a source location for media in Spotify, it should be accessible.

About Sonos, I'm just not sure as I don't have access to a Sonos system to test with.