Spanning media back?

Andreas L shared this question 10 years ago

I have spanned my movies in iTunes from my harddisk to an external NAS. Is there a way to span that media back to my harddrive? returning it to the location that it was in?


Andreas :)

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Yep :-)

TuneSpan has a built in Restore Mode.

Drag the tracks you've spanned to the NAS (you can browse All media types and drag from the Locations browser) into the Spanning Queue.

Then, on the bottom left of the TuneSpan Window, look for the Span/Restore toggle button. Select the Restore segment and TuneSpan will be in Restore Mode.

Then, you continue as normal and everything in the Spanning Queue will be moved to the location it came from before spanning it.

Thank you for getting in touch, please don't hesitate to ask if you have anymore questions.

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