Spanned media not playing in iTunes

Ryan shared this problem 9 years ago
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I have spanned some music to a network hard drive (wireless).

After spanning, when I re-open iTunes and try to play a spanned track, I get the endless pinwheel, the application stops responding and am eventually forced to force quit iTunes (I've let it run several minutes).

TuneSpan sees the drive correctly and spanning works fine.

I can find the drive on the network and explore the spanned media folder in Finder with no problem.

If I try to play the track when not online, I get the error message "There was a problem connecting to the server".

iTunes version 11.1.3

Latest TuneSpan - ver. 1.1.5

OSX 10.9

I'm using a MacBook Pro Retina from last year.

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I figured this out; even though this drive had been mounted previously, it was no longer mounted, even though it was accessible from the Finder and found by TuneSpan.

Why it did not automatically mount when I accessed it through Finder previously I don't know, but it works fine now..


Sorry I didn't get back sooner. But, I'm glad you got it figured out.

It sounded like something like that must have been the issue.

Once TuneSpan is done, its out of its hands. It's up to iTunes to auto mount drives and all that which can sometimes cause a bit of a lag.

I imagine there must have been some temporary network issues that caused a serious lag when trying to connect to the NAS.

Hopefully it was just a fluke and that won't be an ongoing issue.

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