spanned files shown as not spanned

Snorri Glaeser shared this problem 8 years ago

I ́ve got some tv shows which are spanned on my external. However, tunespan still has them under the folder "not spanned". When I move the mouse over the files in tunespan however, it shows the destination as the spanned one.

Any help please?!?

I would like to keep everything organized for the future


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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry you've run into an issue.

It sounds like the internal TuneSpan database didn't record the span, but the span was still successful.

But, you can easily mark them as spanned by highlighting the tracks the track list, then right click the selection and choose "Force Span..." from the "Force Span / Restore" submenu in the right-click context menu. That will simply mark them as spanned to TuneSpan internally. Nothing changes in iTunes and no files are moved.

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