Spanned files moved to new external HD

truman shared this question 6 years ago

My external hard drive failed. It had TuneSpan spanned files on it. So I bought another hard drive and was able to get my old data on it, including TuneSpan spanned files. But TuneSpan is unable to "locate" the files. Can't figure out how to get TuneSpan to look on the new drive.

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Thanks for getting in touch. It's not hard to sort this out.

All you need to do is essentially run the spanning process again to the new drive.

Select the relative Span Location on the new drive, and then select all of the tracks that are spanned to that drive. You can go to the All media type and then select everything on that drive listed in the Locations browser on the right.

Once you've got all the tracks selected, and the span location set, just click Span.

TuneSpan will detect the files on the new drive, if the intended span paths match exactly in the new span location. TuneSpan will just update all the locations in iTunes, and everything should be set.

Please let me know if you run into any issues, or have any other questions.


Sorry I can't figure out "relative Span Location". What I did do is go to ITunes and try to click on the file. Then it brought up a dialog which let me find it myself. Then it used that location to find other missing files.


Sorry for the confusion. By "relative Span Location", I meant to select the Span Location folder, but on the new drive.

But, I'm glad you got it figured out by updating a location in iTunes.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions or run into any issue.