Span Filter: Not Spanned/Never Spanned is not accurate.

Andreas Lienemann shared this question 8 years ago

Hi there,

I spanned a 80GB + of tracks today and encountered an error. Tunespan basically told me it had spanned the tracks but had not marked them as spanned (?)

If I look at the new span location now it appears that the tracks have indeed been spanned, BUT the the Span Filter Drop Down menu still shows me the original amount of tracks. This obviously makes it really hard to filter for the tracks now that still haven't been spanned.

Not sure how to fix this.


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Hi Andreas, I'm so sorry for my late reply. I've been busy with other life stuff lately and somehow I missed your post.

Also, I'm very sorry you ran into an issue with TuneSpan. Do you have any more details about what happened?

To manually mark tracks as spanned that are on your external drive, you can highlight them all in the track list (select the All media type, then select the external drive in the Media Locations list, then highlight all tracks in the track list). Then, right-click the track list and go into the "Force Span / Restore" submenu and select "Force Span..."

That will mark the tracks as spanned in TuneSpan and allow you to use the Span Filter drop down menu.

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