SizeWell does not maximize fully

x.solarwind.x shared this problem 12 years ago
Not a Problem

Here's a picture of the problem:

Note the gap on the left size of the screen.

For any program (I've used SizeWell 0.7.x as well as 0.8.1), the maximize functionality does not fully resize the window, and there is a small gap on the screen. For me, since I have my dock set up so it is hidden on the left size of the screen, the gap seems to always be on the left size of the screen.

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That is just a behavior of Mac OS X. SizeWell uses what OS X reports as the available screen size, which does not include this little bit if the dock is hidden.

Also, you have here a screenshot of TextEdit in Lion, which SizeWell cannot currently support, see here:

So that screenshot shows the standard OS X behavior, I do not believe that SizeWell should stray too far from some OS X standards like this one when zooming windows. If you want a window to really be full screen, Apple has given us that capability in Lion with full-screen apps.

Thanks so much for getting in touch.

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