SizeWell 0.7b1 disabled but loading

Graham Perrin shared this problem 12 years ago
Not a Problem

I used the preference pane to disable the plugin, then restarted Mac OS X 10.6.6, but still I see (in a Console view of all messages):

... SizeWell (SIMBL plugin) loaded into ...

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That is the intended behavior. When disabled, SizeWell still loads into each application. This is so SizeWell can be enabled and disabled without the need to relaunch every application.

If you do not want SizeWell to load at all, uninstall the plugin, the uninstall button shows on on the top right to the left of the icon when disabled.

The preference pane will still be there if you uninstall the plugin, ready to reinstall it whenever, or you can fully delete SizeWell by right-clicking its preference pane icon in the main System Preferences list and selecting the remove option.

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