SizeWell shortcuts clash with Mac OS X default ones

gimixxx shared this problem 7 years ago

SizeWell shortcuts clash with Mac OS X default ones. I can't take screenshots with Cmd-Alt-Shift-3, Cmd-Alt-Shift-4 because they are also used by SizeWell.

It would be good that these are not the default shortcuts, and ideally that shortcuts could be customizable (eg. in my case I use SizeWell with the menu but never with shortcuts).


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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry for my delayed response.

The default screenshot shortcuts on OS X are Command+Shift+3&4 and Command+Shift+Control+3&4 which are not used by SizeWell. I've attached a screenshot of the default shortcuts from my System Preferences. But, these shortcuts can be customized in OS X, maybe you've customized them?

The best I can recommend at this point would be to change the system shortcuts back to default, or to something else since the SizeWell shortcuts are not customizable.

I had always planned to make the SizeWell shortcuts customizable, but SizeWell is basically at a point of being unsupported. I haven't updated is since 2011 and because of changes in OS X, SizeWell cannot fully support all applications, especially Sandboxed applications, which is a requirement for apps in the Mac App Store.

So, because SizeWell cannot fully support all apps, I basically have been in a holding pattern to see if something changes before in invest more time into it. I didn't want to invest a lot of my time and focus into something that could only ever half work, so instead SizeWell has basically been dormant.

I'm sorry I can't offer a better solution at this point.


Hi Pico,

you're completely right. I was sometimes pressing Cmd-Opt-Shift-4 (Third screen > top third) instead of Cmd-Ctl-Shift-4 (Take screenshot to the pasteboard), your response made me realize.

Sorry about that, and thanks for your time.


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