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Bjørn Bojesen shared this idea 8 years ago
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Would it be possible to add Folders (one level only)? I spend too much time worrying about which tags to add. Besides, filtering through tags can be tiresome – when you’ve got hundreds of notes! :-)

I would love to be able to have a column of folders, where I could drag-and-drop notes. Kind of like ”Inbox”, ”Sort later”, ”Tag later”. It would also be great to be able to choose which folder or tag to see when launching the app.

(No, I don’t suggest that you abandon the tag paradigm... Only that you add another _optional_ layer of user friendliness!)

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This is something I have thought about as well...

Folders would add another layer of complexity that I wanted to avoid, such as what folder you're in when you open NoteAway could be confusing and may add another click to get to the section you want before you can just start typing.

But, I can see the value in it, and as an optional feature that wouldn't get in the way for users who don't want it could be ideal.

This is not something I am going to try to incorporate into my next minor update to NoteAway, but could make it's way into a version 1.2 or maybe 1.3.

But of course, I can't give any timeline for NoteAway released, but I can say at this point getting a basic version of NoteAway for iOS is currently a higher priority than adding new big features like folders.

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