Restoring Tracks after Clean OS Install

Carl Szabo shared this question 7 years ago
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I did a clean install of El Capitan but did not restore spanned tracks prior.

Music files on the Mac HD were copied to external and restored. Spanned Music is still on External HD.

When I installed TuneSpan, it shows Zero files spanned. How do I get it to recognize the files on External as those spanned?


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I have the same issue, I reinstalled tunespan on a fresh install of OS X, same iTunes library, spanned files still on the same external storage - but unfortunately tunespan doesn't recognize "spanned" tracks...

Do I have to span them again or is there any way that tunespan can recognize what has been spanned previously? (e.g. identify all media that is not "inside" the iTunes library as spanned media?)



Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry for my delayed response.

To manually mark tracks as spanned that are on your external drive, you can highlight them all in the track list (select the All media type, then select the external drive in the Media Locations list, then highlight all tracks in the track list). Then, right-click the track list and go into the "Force Span / Restore" submenu and select "Force Span..."

That will mark the tracks as spanned in TuneSpan and allow you to use the Span Filter drop down menu.

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