Restore issue (location no longer existed"

James N. Gorsline shared this problem 9 years ago

I am not able to restore - the error is "Restore location no longer existed at time of restore". This is probably due to the fact that I spanned a bunch of stuff months ago to an NAS, then I upgraded the hard drive in my mac that housed the original files. When I upgraded, I had some problems with itunes not recognizing the new hard drive location and somehow got that fixed. Tunespan continued to work fine after the upgrade - until now when I want to restore items. Any suggestions on what to do. My new hard drive had the same folder structure as the old and I named the new hard drive the same as the old - but for some reason Tunespan doesn't want to restore to the new hard drive.

Any thoughts on what I can do. If I can't restore, what's the best way to get these back on to my original hard drive - simply "add them again" and then run some utility to delete the pointers to the NAS files?

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It shouldn't be too hard to deal with this...

The easiest first step would be to get iTunes to figure out where these files are.

Have you tried to "Locate Files..." option in TuneSpan? It's in the File menu.

If that doesn't work. Try selecting the missing tracks to span, and respanning them to the Span Location that you spanned them before.

TuneSpan will see that the files are there and update the locations in iTunes for those tracks.

Once that is done, TuneSpan and iTunes will know where the files are, and you'll be able to restore them through TuneSpan as normal.

Let me know how that goes, or if you have anymore questions.

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