Resizing windows issue.

Ninja SBEmail shared this problem 10 years ago

When I click the plus, it just normally resizes it. Is it because I'm on Lion? I have attempted multiple applications and this still doesn't work.

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Is this happening for you in every app? Even Safari and/or Chrome?

I believe the issue is most likely because of Sandboxing on Lion and greater. Sandboxing is a new security measure which is now required by all apps on the Mac App Store. But some apps out there are still not sandboxed.

I think Sandboxing is a good security measure, but sadly, it has prevented SIMBL from working as it did before, and the author of SIMBL has yet to release an update, or even mention working on an update to SIMBL to support Sandboxed applications.

There is an alternative called EasySIMBL, which seems to kind of support Sandboxed apps, but has other issues I've noticed. It doesn't seem to be a full replacement to SIMBL, and for SizeWell to fully support EasySIMBL, an update is needed. I have played around with adding EasySIMBL support a bit, but it lost steam after I found that it doesn't appear to be a solution that I can fully get behind, there are still issues.

It's mostly because of these SIMBL issues that SizeWell hasn't seen an update in over a year now. Also, I have been focusing on TuneSpan during that time, but since it seems like I can't make SizeWell as reliable as I would like on 10.7+, I have just ended up neglecting it.

Also, I originally made SizeWell to play with some live window resizing features that interested me. Centered resizes, locking width and height while resizing etc. The zooming features came after, and mostly just for fun. It wasn't the original goal of SizeWell. In Lion, Apple natively implemented some great new resizing features that rendered that part of SizeWell useless. Which is actually great! I would much rather have the resizing features I wanted built into OS X than needing a plugin.

So, I'm not sure about the future of SizeWell. I'm not sure it's worth it for me to invest the time and energy into making a half-assed version of SizeWell that doesn't really solve the issues that I originally wanted to solve. SizeWell will live on for users still on 10.6, and it doesn't break anything on 10.7 or 10.8, so there is no need for a critical fix, but just on 10.7 and 10.8, it isn't as useful or full featured, or reliable.

As for getting the zooming features you may be looking for, I have tried other products out there, and I have to say, Divvy does a fantastic job at solving the issues of zooming widows to any size in a very robust and flexible way. If I were to imaging rewriting SizeWell from the ground up to support more advanced and flexible zooming options, I would probably just end up copying Divvy, they solved a lot of problems in a very clever way. But, that's not something I am gonna do. I'm not trying to make SizeWell just be yet another alternative to products that have already done a great job at solving an issue. I especially am not trying to just be a free alternative to other apps.

As I said, SizeWell was originally made to try some live window resizing customizations that nothing else had offered at the time, and could only be implemented as a SIMBL plugin. Now, those resizing options are not necessary in Lion and greater and I believe there are better alternatives for the zooming options. Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear, but that's the truth of how I feel about it now. If there was a new development in SIMBL, I would consider taking another look at getting SizeWell back to a better state on Lion and greater.


Also, Moom seems to offer zooming features in a more similar way to SizeWell, from the green zoom button. But, I haven't tried Moom since its really early days. Just saying there are various other options out there.


I would like this for recording for my studio company, is there any way I can make a window resize to a specific amount without counting the pixels? SizeWell works for some applications, but not the application I'm trying to record for my studio.


You should take a look a Divvy or Moom or any of the other options on the Mac App Store.

But, both Divvy and Moom offer a grid so you can quickly choose the area you want the window to be zoomed to without having to count any pixels or anything, with a live preview before you do the zoom.

And both products should work with any an all apps as they use a very different, more universal, technique than SizeWell.

Back when I started SizeWell, it could support any and all apps, and did a great job of it. But, because of these developments, other techniques now do a much better jobs.

I use Divvy occasionally myself, you can customize the grid to various precisions.


Yes this is true, but I need it an exact 1280x720 or 1980x1080. If you could send me to a program that has those resolutions, that would be great! My screen resolution is 2560x1440.


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From the screenshots for Moom on the Mac App Store, it looks like you can set any custom sizes.

You should research that app or get in touch with that developer to be sure it will meet your needs. But, it looks like there is a free trial on their site.

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