Reformatting the external drive

Hal meeker shared this question 8 years ago

I have a problem with the external drive that I spanned too and need to reformat it, but alas how without losing everything?

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My guess (Pico can confirm) is if you restore everything to its original location on the reformatted drive (if possible) then TuneSpan and iTunes should have no trouble finding it there. If you don't have or can't make a backup of the drive before reformatting then it's a different issue.


Yep yep, sjk is correct. Thank you for answering this question before I caught it :-)

The easiest way is to use TuneSpan to move the media files off the drive you need to reformat.

One option is restoring the file to the internal drive (if you have the space available).

Another option is re-spanning the files to another external drive (if you have one available).

But, moving the files manually will not keep the location up-to-date in iTunes, no matter where you move them, you must do so through TuneSpan. Once the drive is reformatted, you can re-span everything back onto that drive with TuneSpan.

If you simply don't have the temporary space available to get everything off this drive that you need to reformat, that is a different issue entirely.

Let me know if that helps, or if you have any other issues.

Thank you for getting in touch and for using TuneSpan!

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