reconnecting with media drive

Simon Lee shared this question 2 months ago
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My 2nd hard drive which was housing my spanned media lost connection since has been re-engaged. The media was never lost. But now Tunespan cannot locate the media. I have used the locate files tool, tested the approach of deleting the file on iTunes with the hopes that it would locate it back, and reset the location access, all not working. Please help. How do I delete and start over if needed?

There are also many drives listed with "?" - how do I manage these?

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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry you've run into an issue.

I do not believe you will need to delete anything and start over.

My guess is that the "mount point" of the drive changed when the connection was lost and it was reconnected, it's not uncommon in that situation.

To fix this, in TuneSpan, select all your missing tracks with ?'s as if you're going to Span them.

Then, set the Span Location to the folder on the drive where you know the files exist.

Now, click Span. TuneSpan will see that the files are at the destination and will just update locations in its own database and in iTunes without moving any files.

Sorry that TuneSpan doesn't do a better job of catching this situation and dealing with it automatically.


I have several "media locations" which have question marks "?" - how do I remove them? I have tried "removing access" - but that doesn't work well. This is a great program but the terminology and language don't align well. Seems like there's always a double meaning to "location" or "access", maybe just me. Very frustrating.

Lastly, I was able to locate most of my music again. Thanks for that! However, when I want to add new music to my library- what are the steps?