Re-installed MacOS, Spanned library in external drive

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Hey guys, love the app. So I recently had to do a fresh install of MacOS, and I had a itunes Library that I had already spanned earlier before I did a full wipe and re-install.

That library is already organised and spanned, how do I get my new itunes to located the old spanned library? There isn't any .itl file in the external drive's folder, its just organised in the form of different folders and files.

Right now when I load up TuneSpan, it says that I've loaded an empty itunes library, is there a way to make it recognize the files in my external drive?

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Thanks for getting in touch.

First off, do you have access to a backup of your old ITL library files from your previous Mac?

Also, do you have Playlists, etc you want to preserve or are you fine with just getting the media back into a new fresh iTunes Library?


Don't have access to the old ITL file.

And I'm just fine with getting back the media back into a fresh itunes library.


In that case, you can simply import the Spanned Media into iTunes without having iTunes copy the files back to the default iTunes Media folder.

To do this, go into the Advanced iTunes Preferences and uncheck the "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" checkbox and click OK.

Then, you can just drag in your media and iTunes will reference the files from where they currently are.

After the import is done, you may want to turn the setting back on for normal usage.

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