Putting new files into a span - do I first have to put them into my library on my local drive?

thumpinc shared this question 6 years ago

Do I first have to copy a movie file to the itunes library on my local drive before I can move it into a span on an external drive? Or can I put a new movie directly into a span on an external drive?

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Thanks for getting in touch.

Files must be in the iTunes Library for TuneSpan to be aware of them.

But, if you do not want iTunes to copy the files to the default iTunes Media folder when you add them to your library, you can turn OFF the "Copy files into iTunes Media folder when adding to library" setting in the Advanced iTunes Preferences.

Also, you can leave that setting ON and invert it (to OFF) during a drag into iTunes by holding the Option key. Of course, if that setting is OFF, holding Option will invert it to ON during a drag into iTunes.