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Thea shared this problem 13 years ago

The most recent version of TuneSpan (0.9.3) is not working on my computer (iBook 1.33 GHz PPC G4, OsX 10.5.8). The program window resizes on launch but remains white until the program finally crashes. I know that my hardware is a bit outdated, but the last version ( worked just fine. Hope you can solve that problem. Great program!

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I did some minimal testing on a PPC with 10.5, and did not experience this. Compatibility can be the hardest part of any project. These kinds of things are bound to pop up every now and then, and can only get fixed when people like you take the time to post it as an issue, which I really appreciate.

Would you mind taking a look at system.log in and letting me know what kind of log outputs or sending me the crash report you are getting?

Without some kind of hint from the log or the crash report, it will be very difficult to track this down blindly.


A lot has changed in TuneSpan over the past year. I never heard back about this particular issue, but because no one else has mentioned it, I am now going ahead and marking it as solved.

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