Procedure to follow: External HDD died. Carbon Copy available. How to do it?

Gayle Howard shared this problem 6 years ago

Hi! I need help with this please! My 5TB external drive with my Scanned Media file has died. Fortunately, once a week, I do a Carbon Copy Cloner to another drive. So I'm pleased to say that I do have a Spanned Media file that is an exact copy of the 5TB.

What I need to know is "what next?". If I use the clone spanned media HDD (Lacie2 5TB as shown on the screenshot), can I just click on restore and it will make the connection between the blue dots and what it has on the cloned drive, and start to span, or is it more complicated than that. Naturally I don't want to mess it up as I only now have the one disk with all these files on it.

Thank you!


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Update! My dead HDD suddenly leapt to life! Which is great. I've just done a scan and transferred all files to it so now I have my entire library on the unstable drive and I'm doing a quick Carbon Copy Clone to a second drive. But the question remains. Can I now just pick up that Carbon Copy Clone drive and plug it in and will it automatically see that there is a scanned media file there with all the files? Or is it more complicated than that? What is the procedure please for when this unstable HDD finally dies and I'm left with the carbon copy second drive?



I'm so sorry for my very delayed response. And I'm very sorry to hear about your hard drive, but very glad you were able to salvage your data!

When you've got an exact copy of your Spanned Media, all you need to do is set the Spanned Media folder on your backup drive as the Span Location in TuneSpan and add all the media that you know is at that location to the Spanlist (just like a normal span). Then, click the Span button and TuneSpan will see that the files are where it would have copied them too and will just update locations in iTunes and it's own internal database.

To speed the process up, make sure the original drive is not mounted so that TuneSpan won't bother comparing files or anything, it will just assume the one in the new Span Location is what should be used.

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