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mrstucci shared this problem 10 years ago
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Ok. Problem #2: I have my movies in a folder on an external networked drive. I get the message that the format is not supported. What gives? They are formatted for iTunes. Since your software works with iTunes and supposedly moves what needs to be moved, why don't my movies play on the external hard drive? What do I need to do? Judy

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What gives you the alert that the format is not supported? TuneSpan, iTunes, Finder, or what?

Could you possibly post a screenshot of what you are seeing so I can better understand what's going on.

But, it sounds like the issue may have do you with the File Format of the drive itself, not the format of the video files. It can be a bit confusing, the word "format" is used in different technologies and can mean different things in different situations.


After talking with Judy over email, we found that this issue is actually not a problem with iTunes or TuneSpan.

Judy was attempting to play protected videos purchased from the iTunes Store on the TV via a non-Apple device which cannot work.

So, I'm marking this as "Not a Problem"


You are right, Pico. It wasn't at all a problem with Tunespan but with me not fully understanding how Tunespan works. Thanks, Pico, for your patience and help!

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