Pretty standard new problem now -- can't recover!

Chad Thomas shared this question 4 years ago
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This was a great app until Catalina broke it. I am very sorry.

How do I deal with what I bet is a pretty frequent problem now? I have an external drive filled with Tunespanned files. My iTunes Library is on my main Mac drive. The main drive is low on space, which is why I purchased Tunespan to begin with.

Now I need move everything to an external drive. I needed to 1) move my iTunes Library to my external drive and 2) move all of my Tunespanned files to the same drive.

Unfortunately, though I've followed the Tunespan website directions, once I moved my iTunes Library to my external drive (and got iTunes to recognize it), I can't get Tunespan to recognize the iTunes Library XML file on the new Library location as valid. I need to "please contact the Developer"...

I've attached the instructional error message. Could you please help with the proper steps? I've spent hours trying to salvage my Library and files.

MANY THANKS -- for your help and a great product I've enjoyed.


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TuneSpan will not be able to be used at all since you're on Catalina, I'm so sorry.

It would be best to look into using the Consolidate Library option in the Music app if you want to move everything To an external drive. Having your library files on an external drive is not necessary to have all your media files on an external drive.

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