Preparing to do a clean upgrade to Yosemite

kara shared this question 9 years ago
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I am about to upgrade to Yosemite and plan to do a clean install. Is there anything I should do with Tunespan to prepare for the reinstallation on a clean hard drive?

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Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get back sooner. Things have been hectic for me lately.

Have you already done the clean install?

It depends on how you plan to restore your other data (such as your iTunes Library), do you have a Time Machine backup that you'll be restoring from?

Things should be fine for the most part, or easily fixable, but there are some library files that TuneSpan stores within the hidden user Library folder. If you have your whole home folder backed up, they should be in there to recover even if you can see them.

Anyway, let me know where you're at now and I can help you get sorted out.

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